Andy McDonald audio transcript:

I probably stayed… ah… as long as I have, because I think as a planner I can be most effective, you know, a positive change in our community working for the MIC rather than the city or the county, where you’re in a little bit larger group and uh maybe don’t have the ability to, to work on… uhh… some of these different issues.  And I do have a… a little bit of a family history with the port around here, my grandfather worked the tugs, I have an uncle that… ah… was superintendent at one of the grain elevators, I have a cousin who still works at one of the grain elevators, some of my cousins work the ships… umm… over the years, so, a little bit of a connection here; a long family history in town too.  

So your family has been from this area for awhile… long time?

Yes, four generations, ahh, my… my children are the fifth.