Claire W. Schumacher audio transcript:

So I was sitting there, and I was supposed… they… they would call as… as of… as the trains were coming down to the docks from Proctor, they’d call in and say they were coming. Well they never told me that I was supposed to say, ‘leave the crummy on the high,’ and that meant leave the caboose up on 40th Avenue West, but anyway, so then they could… the spare hook contrived the thing that they got everybody, and all these men in the office, and I was in the middle, like I was on trial.  And they were, he was trying to say that I held up a train, and it cost the railroad, you know, how many thousands and thousands of dollars. And he’d ask each guy, did she do this? Did she do… ohh it was the scariest thing. That’s in my book though. And, uh, and he had told ‘em, don’t tell her, don’t tell her what to do.