St Louis River Estuary: The stories and the science

Up River

Welcome to Up River, an interactive story about the St. Louis River Estuary. The story starts in the harbor, then heads further up the St. Louis River. Your quest… find ingredients in the estuary to make a "local meal" of fish and wild rice.

Want to try your luck at helping the chef?

1. All you need to do is point your iPhone or iPad to the “app store” and search for ARIS or visi “” using your mobile device’s browser.

2. Once you are there search for “Up River” and begin playing.

3. Start Playing!

Once you start the quest, you need to find the chef to begin playing. You can find him by the statue at the corner of Canal Park Drive and Morse St. He’ll be in a hurry to get his ingredients, but don’t be afraid to take your time to enjoy the place.... Watch the ships, meet some new people, learn a little history.... Maybe even meet some “ghosts” from the past!

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