Gerald Niemi audio transcript:

Wisconsin Point’s already designated an important bird area. And the birds, when they come flying up, generally don’t go crossing large bodies of water, so they’ll… if they’re coming from the south, they’re coming around. They’ll come around and move right along Wisconsin Point, Minnesota Point, then go on. Where the fall migration same way… they’ll catch the north shore and they’ll funnel along the edges. There’s a fascinating story about a ship captain on the ore boats who created a… always created a wooded island on…on the…on the ore boats. When he’s coming across Lake Michigan and Lake Superior and had a… has a fantastic bird list coming across there… ah… where birds actually… so… so we know that some birds do cross, and, if they see something, on the… like a boat out there, they probably take off from shore and fly out that way. And he, he actually has got a map of Lake Superior showing places of major migration.  Places where they actually come across.