Kenny Danelski audio transcript:

It’s fun to, to be on the river. It’s fun watching the river cause, versus the lake, cause there is always different action. You know. There is high water, low water, fishermen, there’s… there’s animals. It’s slow… it’s slow to ah freeze up because of the current, and one year the eelpout were spawning, because there’s a lot of old islands here… the rocks are here and the eelpout were spawning in there, and we were watching the eagles and stuff, you know and we… sitting in the living room is like watching a movie, you know. We had thirteen eagles, they were diving down and taking these eelspouts, eelpouts, and uh, and we were watching and all of a sudden a wolf came running off of one of the islands and grabbed one of the eelpout that the eagles hadn’t yet taken off yet. We had a whole group of people here because we were over, but I mean there is always something to watch, there’s… there’s otter. It’s just… if you love Mother Nature, this is where to be, really.