Lynelle Hanson audio transcript:

Ummm, down by the port terminal? You go down there in evening, the lights are on, and you know after dark, you know the moon is coming up, and it’s especially nice when a vessel is coming through, and you see you’ve got those thousand foot vessel coming through, and… you’ve got some gulls still calling and you’ve got people down there fishing. Eww, I mean it is, it’s kind of like one of those wonderful little secret places that people who know about it know about it, and the others don’t. Ah, so I think the port terminal… I mean, both, you know… I’ll… I’ll sometimes just drive down there and just sit down there. You know, some people think, ohhh the sound of the traffic going on the bridge, you know, ohhh it’s noisy, noisy.  You miss that and then its also, you know, it’s a great birding spot in the spring, because you’ve got Interstate Island that you can look at, you’ve got, you know, 21st Avenue, you’ve got all of these other places. The Port Terminal’s a cool place. It’s very accessible, you know, and to me… what I like so much about this harbor and estuary is the fact that we do have a workable mesh of working harbor and viable estuary.